• Certified USB 2.0 PHY Silicon IP in Volume Production.
  • Certified for Compliance since Q1 2002: Listed in the USB-IF web site in the Silicon IP Building Blocks and OTG IP categories.
  • Innovative's licensees have shipped over 10 million chips using our PHY.
  • We were a UTMI+ member company that provided technical support toward the development of the USB PHY UTMI+ Specification.
  • We were a contributor to the USB PHY ULPI Working Group.
  • Licensed by world class companies such as Freescale, LSI Corporation, and National Semiconductor among others.
  • Innovative was the First third part IP Company with a USB PHY UTMI+ OTG silicon samples.
  • The Design has been ported many times (12) to different process technologies.
  • Used in several applications such as mass storage, flash card readers, digital still cameras, MP3 players, printers, scanners and others.
  • Our USB PHY is featured in PortalPlayer's (now Nvidia) Personal Media Player: Photo Edition Platform.
  • We partner with Controller and Software IP suppliers to provide full solution - USB PHY and Link. We can also provide chip integration/design services.
  • We offer a Built-In-Self-Test (BIST) RTL block as an auxilary core to increase test coverage of the USB mixed-signal PHY.

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