Mixed-Signal IP - USB and Firewire

We design some of the IPs and we partner with the best-in-class IP companies for others. For example we developed USB PHY products that we licensed to world renowned customers such as eSilicon (now Nvidia), Freescale, LSI Corp, Micrel, Mitel, National Semiconductors, Nordic Semiconductor and to prominent startups such as Ubicom, Frontier Silicon among others. We partner with other companies to provide Controller and low level software driver IPs for USB. We designed and licensed our 1394 (aka Firewire) PHY IP to Samsung, Honeywell, JPL and Infineon among others. We also designed the 1394 Link Controller IP but we partner with software IP providers to provide full solution to our clients.

We have two PHY products:

  1. USB PHY
  2. 1394 (aka Firewire) PHY: We also offer Link Layer Controllers

You can also get a single-sheet Data Brief here. If you need detailed information about our products, you can fill out the Information Request Form.